Original use: Social network of like-minded social individuals. Socialjunkie organized charity events, themed parties, and music events. Began in Chicago in 1998 and migrated to San Diego in 1999 where it further flourished. Some say it had the same social spirit as Facebook well before Facebook existed. We also connected members with jobs, apartments, and new friends. There were three popular weekly newsletters...Weekend Update, Connect@, and Music@.

Original use: One of my favorite domains I've put into action. It consisted of showcasing independent music in all parts of the world. The primary purpose and enjoyment was the weekly music newsletter. It also served a means to promote music events put on through SocialJunkie.com

Original use: Front-end website for digital marketing cloud application with a focus on email marketing. Started in 2010 and served customers worldwide. Promoted site through Facebook ads, business flyers, and marketing publications.

Original use: Social and travel resource for singles and couples with kids.

Original use: A music and wine pairing site. Creation of playlists linked to styles of wine. Intended to morph into an exclusive type of social network for wine and music lovers to share playlists and/or songs they listen to when drinking certain varietals of wine. Definitely a passion project but just didn't have the time to get it of the ground.

If you are interested in the purchase of any of these domains please contact me through the form below with your details and reference the domain you are interested in. Most of these domains are listed at domain broker websites but if you found me through other means, I'm willing to entertain offers and use Escrow.com to handle the sale. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Daniel