Prescribing music, art, dance, culture, etc.

I'm surprised it took this long to recognize the arts can be a covered form of therapy. It absolutely should be allowed to be prescribed. Think of how you feel inside your body when you stand in front of some thought-provoking art. When you bang your head to the heavy metal stylings of Dio or the emotionally freeing Slipknot sounds your body is releasing pent-up frustrations. The sweet sounds of bands like The Boxer Rebellion or Elbow penetrate your heart and can put you on a cloud far away from the negativity of the current political climate. And who doesn't have fun just letting go on the dance floor? The ability to not care what you look like flailing your arms around has some serious effect on the muscles used to smile. Ok, maybe it's just me that flails my arms...other people look much better doing the dance. Lastly, diving into other cultures or arts connects you with the rest of the world and, I feel, helps make you feel less alone.

So, yes, these are prescriptions to me and people that can't afford to do much of these activities should be able to have it covered to some small extent. I'm estatic that some governments are understanding that. Find the art that works for you.

"British Doctors May Soon Prescribe Art, Music, Dance, Singing Lessons" (