Mike Byrd of Reddog Apparel - My Fellow Entrepreneur

Opportunities to sit down with my friend Mike and chat are few and very far between. Mike is one of the original Socialjunkie friends from San Diego. I've known him for 19 years, with both of us having our share of life changes. 19 years and we stil keep in touch and the one thing we'll always have in common is our passion for entrepreneurship. I had a chance to sit down with him and do what we do best...talk business, ideas, making money on those ideas, the pains of getting those ideas out there, profit margins on our ideas, and a host of other topics. He's an inspiring e-commerce hustler who usually motvates me to not give up on my ideas just by talking to him. Our conversations could be over an evening beer or a early morning coffee. I'm not a morning person at all but a chance to catch-up with Mike easily gets me to the café by 7am. That's pretty early for me. Learn more about Mike and what makes him tick. At the end you'll see links to his social media pages and website. Everything below the About Me is all him.

About Me…

mike-riding-180w.jpgWhere to start? I was born in Alabama into a Military family. Unlike most military brats, I was fortunate to stop moving around after the 2nd grade as my Father was able to continually receive duty stations in the Washington, DC area. I did spend my middle school years in Germany and was able to experience the Cold War first hand – which, unfortunately to many people of the more recent generations don’t understand or comprehend.

School and Sports – School was fairly easy for me. I did struggle in Math for a while but basically breezed through school. I attended George Mason University and was rewarded with a degree in Pubilc Administration that I’ve never used…

I played a lot of soccer and basketball growing up. I picked up a lacrosse stick my senior of High School and played lacrosse at GMU. I continued playing until I was 32 when I realized I could no longer keep up with the kids coming out of college. I’m still involved in lacrosse as a High School official.

Cycling became my sports outlet after I ‘retired’ from lacrosse. I’ve completed an Ironman event in 2004 and still race my road and mountain bikes on occasion. My racing has tailed off over the last few years, but I still like to ride hard and try to rip some legs off occasionally, although recently it’s my legs that have been getting ripped off.

Professionally – I’ve held a lot of jobs starting with paper routes when I was young, lifeguarding through High School and worked retail in a lacrosse store during college. After college, I worked as an estimator in a construction company and then entered the IT field as a system administrator while living in Florida. I relocated to San Diego and worked in the Information Security field for 7 years. After that, I moved back east to be closer to my Mom and Dad and worked in a local bike shop for about 7 years. I’m currently the Marketing Manager for an industrial automation distributor.

Entrepreneurship – I’ve always wanted to have my own business. I’ve been playing around in the e-commerce field for several years with multiple projects. My first true attempt was an online knife shop named Tactical Knife Supply. The idea was great, I had great products, but the margins were just to tight and I learned a lot. I decided that trying to maintain a knife inventory without a ton of extra money for inventory and marketing wasn’t a great way to ‘break the internet code’.

My current project is an online, print on demand, store called Reddog Apparel (reddog-apparel.com). I’m excited about this opportunity as I don’t have to maintain an inventory and I am actually making sales. It’s been fun learning how to design apparel, use Social Media to build my brand and have some success. I’m hoping this project takes off and leads me down a path of major success.

Hobbies – My current hobbies are cycling, learning how to make/edit videos and learning to play the guitar. I needed something new to challenge myself and the guitar is definitely challenging me.

Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/reddogapparel

Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/thebicycleracer

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/reddogapparel

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/thebikeracer

Website: https://reddog-apparel.com