dynamic :

a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.

Bonjour tout le monde,

You found me. So much for being on the run. This personal and professional site for me, and my Lavelle Dynamic, has a little bit of everything. Personal and professional achievements, domain names for sale, current projects, trumpeting (not Trumpeting) blog posts about people / music / organizations / items I appreciate, and maybe some day stuff for sale.

I've been involved in customer success and SaaS support for a digital marketing cloud application for 17 years. And before that I had other exciting IT jobs. Customer success, specifically for cloud-based applications, has always been fun and challenging for me. It became easy to embrace because I liked getting to know my customers, and their businesses, and lead them to their goals using online applications.

The life balance comes from my kids, love of music, sports, a bit of writing, and anything creative for myself or my family and friends. Many years back I started Southern California's first social network that used the internet extensively. It is called SocialJunkie. It's named that because those are the people I gravitate towards and we help make people that are not as social feel comfortable in whatever social setting they are in. Well...we try to.

Reach out and let's connect.