We have 20 years experience in digital marketing, email administration, marketing, and helping new businesses. We specialize in email marketing and how it can tie in to your CRM and overall growth. Our projects/businesses are all over the map and because of that we can have a unique perspective on almost every industry. Here are the services we can provide you with. We think the diversity of our own projects can help your business. Reach out to us and let's discuss your needs.

  • Digital Marketing

    We've been supporting digital marketing for 15+ years. With our EyesOnEmail.com online tool we combine sales CRM, email marketing, conversion & real-time tracking / analytics, incredible automation, learning management, shared access, etc. into one online tool. Try it out!

  • Music App

    We LOVE music! That's why we developed a new and entertaining way to choose your music playlist for your daily run, commute, roadtrip, train ride, flight, date, bath, you name it! It's nostalgic and fun to find music you forgot you had on your iPhone.
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  • Social Sites

    We love being part of the social community and strive to do it in a way that brings people out, not just online. Whether it's connecting people for travel or work/social, nothing replaces being present in the company of others and sharing a laugh or inspirational conversation.

  • Domains 4 Sale

    We've owned some great domains and sites over time. Some were developed and some didn't get the traction we had hoped. Two sites we're passionate about and want to find the right owners for are these:


Creative Portfolio

Restaurant Bar
Tour Business
I have used EyesOnEmail for 2 years now and I am very pleased with the ergonomy and the confort of the software. It is always easy to find what I am looking for and as a Sales Manager, I can easily track my opportunities and my prospect’s calls. Also, the support team is very efficient and reactive to answer my questions. - Adrian (ParisCLC)

About Lavelle Dynamic

We don't sit still over here in our creative space. We like to look over at other realms to see if we can build or create something there as well. Since our main business is digital marketing we are exposed to many industries and that often lends to our own creative ideas. For example, we've always been social and very into music, so those led us into email marketing and email marketing led us to pursue creating a mobile app that was inspired by our love for music. Though 2006 is when the Lavelle Dynamic name was created, we've existed in this dynamic state since 1994 with work experience in indoor/outdoor business signage, computer networks, software sales support, social networking (some say the first Facebook style culture in Socialjunkie.com), music promotion, charity event planning, and international networking. Our main business focuses are digital marketing and web management. Although this section serves as a means to tell you who we are, we're always excited to hear about what other entrepreneurs are doing. We hope to see your projects come to life soon, so let us know if we can help. Inquire about any of our services, or that of a partners, through our contact form below.

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